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Measuring Instruments

No Name - Features Make & Model
New Thermal Imager Testo 870
01 Digital Temperature Meter with three Probes, DIGITEMP 9100, Range:-5–0– 9990C GP Electronics, Baroda
02 Infrared Thermometer, -200 to 2500C OMEGA
03 Digital Manometer IRS
04 Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Model FD 613Microprocessor based, 0.10 to 9.0 MPS OMEGA
05 Digital Anemometer Vane Type Model: AM 4201 Lutron, Taiwan
06 Clamp-on Power Meter (Power Quality Analyzer) Voltage, Current, KVA, kW, PF, Hz, KVAr, Phase Angle, AC+DC True Power, PF 0.2 – 1.0, 3ø3W, 3ø4W,1ø3W,1ø2W Range: 0-2000 KW,0-600 V AC, 800 V DC, 2000A MECO Meters, Mumbai Model: 4500 Accuracy:± 2.0 %
07 Power Line supervisor Display 83 Values of V, I, kW, KVA, KVAr, kWh, PF, Hz, Total harmonics distortion. MECO Meters, Mumbai Model: SPV-R
08 Differential Pressure Indicator OMEGA
09 Digital LUX Meter Model: LX-101 Range 0 – 50,000 LUX Lutron, Taiwan
10 Digital Tachometer Model HTM-590 Range: 0 – 9999 RPM, Accuracy: ± 1 RPM Systems & Controls
11 Dead Weight Tester in Bar, Kg/cm2, psi Systems & Controls
12 Universal Calibrator GP Electronics
13 Temperature Bath ALTOP
14 DC Voltage sources PowerCal

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