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Deepak Nitrite Ltd., Nandesari, Vadodara

Augmentation of existing 66 KV substation by installing 12.5 MVA, 66/11 KV transformer, & Current transformers, 66 KV Isolators, Transformer protection /scheme & Explosion and fire prevention system with Nitrogen.

The assignment included:


  • Verify rating and capacity of existing power system.
  • Revised SLD.
  • To provide 66 KV outdoor switchyard revised GA diagram.


  • To provide technical specifications for new 66/11 KV,12.5 MVA transformer.
  • To provide technical specifications of all the switchgear components of 66 KV & 11 KV switchgears.
  • Review and design of protection scheme for new transformer. (This do not includes Power system stability report with Load Flow Analysis)
  • NGR rating review / calculations and specifications for new NGR - if needed.
  • Protective relaying calculations and settings.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials India P. Ltd., Dahej Project.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials India Pvt LTD (LZAM) is setting up a Green field project at Dahej.

  • Electrical system operating philosophy.
  • 66 KV, 11KV & 420 V Line and Sub-Station configuration
  • Review of enquiry specification, technical analysis of electrical equipment’s transformers 66 X 11 KV 10 MVAN, 11KV X 420 V 3MVA transformer, 1KVA converter transformer for 3.3 HT motor & associated electrical panels, Gas Insulated Switch.
  • Review of Electrical Drawings in view of Statutory & construction requirements, to guide Lubrizol on procedural aspects involved in various statutory approvals related to electrical installations.
  • Review of SLD & feasibility of suitable alternatives.
  • Review, approval of vendor drawings / specs / schemes etc. to ensure suitability.
  • Review and approval of calculations submitted by vendors.
  • Third party Inspection of HV/LV electrical equipment such as transformer, Intelligent Motor Control Center (IMCC), PCC capacitor panel etc. at manufacturer’s works.
  • Review of Emergency Power supply system and DG Systems.
  • Review and approval of Control & Protection scheme submitted by vendor/ (s).
  • HT / LT Cable selection & sizing review along with specifications.
  • Review of Earthling system selection, design parameters and calculations submitted by vendor.
  • Providing guidance to contractors/vendors for any electrical related design confirmation to take the project to its logical conclusion i.e. commissioning and start up.
  • Review of SCADA / Power Management system given by vendor.
  • For construction (temporary) power, design of incoming power line & related equipment such as trafo, switch station distribution panel etc.

For permanent design incoming power line & related equipment up to GIS. (GIS, trafo & other internal distributions is in Jacobs scope.)

M/s Shiva Engineering Services, Vadodara

Engineering Services for Electrification works at Site.

  • 1. Study of the basic infrastructure requirements for the Site
    • Substation Design Summary Form
    • Functional One-Line Diagram
    • Specifications for Electrical Items
    • Request for Proposals
    • Evaluation of Proposals
    • Construction Plan Drawings
    • Substation Drawings (Detailed One-Line, Elementary, and Schematics)
    • Construction Specifications
    • Inquiry for Proposals for Electrical Site Contractors
    • Evaluation of Contractor’s Proposals
    • Calculations for Selection of Protective Relaying and Devices
  • 2. Deliverables
    • One-Line Diagram - Switching
    • One-Line Diagram - Functional Relaying
    • Three-Line Diagram
    • Electrical Plot Plan
    • Electrical, Structural, Foundation, Grounding and Conduit Layouts
    • Cable Lists and Conduit Lists
    • Bills of Material
    • Control Panels
    • Schematic and Detailed Wiring Diagrams
  • 3. Procurement Support, Vendor Coordination and Inspection
  • 4. Design and Distribution System
    • Sizing of transformer
    • Substation layout
    • Sizing of cables and busbar
    • Short circuit fault analysis
    • Sizing of HT/LT panels breakers(PCC, MCC, Distribution Board)
    • Distribution system scheme
    • Substation cross-sections diagram
    • Design of earthing system as per requirement
    • Lighting system for Tank farm, Production & Utility area
    • Lightning & Grounding system for Tank farm

Janta Glass WorksTa. Padra, Dist. Vadodara

The Scope of services include the followings

  • Design calculations of the system
  • Detail engineering and preparation of layout and fabrication drawings
  • Technical specification and Bill of Materials
  • Technical Evaluation of Vendors' offer
  • Preparation of implementation drawings.
  • Performance monitoring of the system.
  • For modifications in:
    • Compressed air distribution system
    • Mould cooling air generation and distribution system.

Gujarat Glass P. Limited; Kosamba

The Scope of services shall include the followings:

Measurements, study and evaluation of present system to set norms for modified system.

  • Finalisation of parameters for the modified new systems.
  • Techno-economic evaluation of various alternatives systems.
  • Design calculations for new modified system.
  • Detail engineering and preparation of Technical specification and Bill of Materials.
  • Technical Evaluation of Vendors' offer.
  • Preparation of implementation drawings.
  • Performance monitoring of the modified new system.
  • For modifications in:
    • Cooling water pumping and distribution system.
    • Compressed air distribution system.
    • Mold cooling air generation and distribution system.

M/S Gujarat Nippon Bimetals P. Ltd., Lagos Nigeria

Scope of services shall include the followings:

  • Measurements of electrical parameters in your plant located abroad, at the main incomer viz, voltage and current in three phases, power factor, reactive and active power, KVA & KVAr.
  • Study the variation with change in plant output, product sizes and variation in mill speed.
  • Identify maximum, minimum and average load and KVA demand for selection of Captive Power Plant.

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Deepak Nitrite Ltd.

Nandesari, Vadodara

Lubrizol Advanced Materials
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Dahej Project.

M/s Shiva Engineering Services


Janta Glass Works

Ta. Padra, Dist. Vadodara

Gujarat Glass P. Limited



M/S Gujarat Nippon Bimetals
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